Klimosz Company


The KLIMOSZ company is one of the largest producers of the highest quality cast iron and steel boilers in Poland, automatic and charging for solid fuels like granulated coal, brown coal, pellets and biomass.
The company's mission is to create products based on the highest technological standards with strict emission standards for the natural environment.

We are a distributor of modern heating solutions; SMITH hybrid heaters, trays and water heaters DRAZICE, cast iron radiators VIADRUS, QUINN steel radiators and accessories for heating technology. Our company's offer includes CWU tanks, KLIMOSZ TANK buffer tanks and innovative 3W1 CWU tanks + buffer + hydraulic clutch with flow heating in patented copper coils. Thanks to a well-developed distribution network in Poland and Europe, we provide our clients with the highest level of service.


The experience gained in the production of boilers gained over 25-years allowed us to develop technologically advanced solutions that resulted in a wide range of satisfied customers, a strong position on the market and a leader in the heating industry. Klimosz boilers are created for the most demanding users who value the highest quality, convenience of use and reliability. Thanks to the specialized staff of the design department, we also provide comprehensive support for both large commercial and industrial investments as well as single and multi-family construction investments.

The satisfaction and trust of our clients is our greatest value, which motivates us to further work and development.


We employ the best engineers and specialists in the heating industry and cooperate with the best suppliers offering the highest quality products. The company has its own research and measurement facilities, thanks to which each boiler produced is monitored and optimized for processors occurring during combustion, limiting the emission of harmful compounds to the environment. Our commitment to development and environmental protection is confirmed by innovative solutions confirmed and protected by patent rights registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Environmental protection and reduction of low emissions is our priority and one of our main goals, which is why we invest in creating only boilers that meet the highest and restrictive requirements - so they complies with EcoDesign european norm.


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